The MossBack Difference


We are upfront about the safe and sustainable materials our habitat is manufactured from. MossBack prioritizes creating products that are durable, effective, and most importantly, environmentally safe. We continuously strive to improve our manufacturing process, packaging, and supply of recycled Rigid PVC. Our products consist of both Rigid PVC (limbs and trunks) and HDPE (bases and shade tops).

Microplastics certification

We meticulously clean all Rigid PVC remnants from our product before packaging. All Rigid PVC remnants are sent back to our PVC supplier to be recycled resulting in zero waste. Our products do not mechanically break down in water.

Contains recycled materials certification

Not only do we use recycled Rigid PVC but we recycle All Rigid PVC and HDPE remnants and send them back to our suppliers to be recycled resulting in zero waste. You can continue to count on MossBack to be sensitive to its manufacturing process so that our natural habitats remain healthy and sustainable.

No Plasticizers certification

Not all PVC or HDPE is created equal. It is important to note a major difference between RIGID PVC and SOFT PVC. Most significant is the presence of phthalates (plasticizers) in flexible plastic products. Phthalates are used to make PVC flexible and thus, have no use in products that are rigid like MossBack Fish Habitat. Research shows that Rigid PVC does not leach chemicals like lead, BPA, cadmium, or other plasticizers, since these aren’t used in its manufacturing process nor are they part of its compound formulation. Because of this, there is no evidence connecting phthalates with the presence of MossBack Fish Habitat in an aquatic environment. Our trunks and limbs are made from the same Rigid PVC material commonly used in drinking water distribution pipes. Our products contain NO biocides and quickly allow periphyton to grow on all surfaces. The HDPE used in our Bases and Shade Tops is nonfluorinated HDPE. It has no phthalates, heavy metals, BPA’s or PFA’s.

Our products exceeds all requirements of PROP 65. After annual review, our products DO NOT require the PROP 65 warning.

Sourced local certifications

As a small family owned business, we like to support other local businesses, but most importantly for our customers, this allows us to have continual quality control of our products. We manufacture our products from the ground up, so we know our sources and have quality control over WHAT our product is made of as well as HOW it is made to ensure safety and consistency.