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MossBack Fish Habitat provides a spectrum of products to help you achieve any pond or lake habitat goal. Whether placing product to provide ambush points for your trophy sport fish, or creating maximum protection for your forage and fry, MossBack is there. Features such as the use of natural colors, textured surfaces throughout, flexible limbs, ease of assembly and versatility of deployment make MossBack Fish Habitat products a realistic, long-lasting, and logical choice. From concept to creation, helping improve your fishery is at the heart of everything we do!


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The Right Fish Habitat for Anglers, Dock Owners, Pond and Lake Developers, HOAs, and State or Federal Agencies.

MossBack Fish Habitat is the perfect artificial habitat solution for anyone who wants to add fish protection and structure to their pond or lake. Our products provide the perfect environment for fish production or that go-to fishing spot. Whether tournament fishing, managing fish populations, or creating memories with family and friends, we have the perfect solution for you!

If you have a dock or manage a pier, you can attract more fish with vertical and horizontal habitat for both shallow and deep water.

Our fish protection and artificial underwater structures are also perfect for homeowners associations or pond and lake management professionals. For over a decade, we have been working with HOAs and lake or pond development professionals as well as government agencies.

MossBack Fish Habitat has also been working together with state and federal agencies nationwide providing products aimed at attracting fish, creating sanctuary habitat for forage and fry, or providing ambush structure for trophy sport fish. If you are looking for a permanent fish habitat solution, put your trust in a time-proven and reliable product that only MossBack Fish Habitat delivers. If you have any questions about what fish habitat option is right for you, contact us today or fill out our habitat questionnaire.


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