When and where do I utilize “Laydowns” in my fish habitat plan for my pond?

Laydowns are single products used in a horizontal position to simulate a tree that has fallen into the water creating habitat for all types of fish. This habitat doesn’t decay and add to the biomass in the pond. Fish utilize Laydowns much like vertical habitat. In addition, they create “highways” to other desirable areas like shorelines or other fish habitat. Using Laydowns adds diversity to your fish habitat and gives your fish options to travel safely, rest, hide and ambush its prey.

Can I change the limb placement or pattern on my MossBack Fish Habitat products?

Yes! Changing position of the limbs within the trunks can expand the size of the Kit products. Limbs can be moved in or out as desired to change the volume of coverage in our Kits. Limbs can be pulled out further in an alternating pattern to increase coverage for our single habitats as well. For Laydowns, changing the limb position can give fish the chance to hide under the trunk of the product much like bass hide under a fallen tree. Leave at least 4” of the limbs on one side.

I have a pond with lots of fish however I can’t often catch them. Will MossBack Fish Habitat increase my opportunity to catch more fish?

Yes! Predator fish utilize fish habitat to ambush fish off of the structure AND the structure makes them feel safe while resting. Therefore, finding your fish becomes much easier. University and State Agency studies in TX, SD, FL and LA have shown significant increases in catch rates when fishing from MossBack Fish Habitat structure. In addition to providing the opportunity to catch more fish, MossBack Fish Habitat does so without your hooks getting caught in woody structure.

I have a pond full of fish but they are not growing. Can MossBack Fish Habitat help with the growth rate of my fish?

Yes, predator fish like bass and crappie will have Trophy Tree structure to ambush from and will not be required to chase forage fish all around the pond using vital energy resources that can be used to grow larger. The Root Wad and Safe Haven products have a close condensed limb pattern designed to hold fry and bait fish. It purposefully has more limbs to create a tighter structure that gives the smaller fish a place to hide, eat and have protection from the larger fish. This significantly increases fish recruitment by protecting the fry. The tendency of sportfish to over populate needs to be addressed as well when striving to increase sportfish growth rate.

My budget will only allow me to purchase a portion of the MossBack Fish Habitat that was recommended for my pond. Is it even worth installing a small portion of fish habitat into my pond now?

Any added fish habitat will improve your fishery and fishing in your pond or lake. A MossBack Fish Habitat recommendation can be implemented over time to reach the full fish habitat recommendation because MossBack Fish Habitat do not deteriorate and are made to last a lifetime. Not having enough fish habitat is costly in terms of the quality of fish, the recruitment of new fish and the fun you miss out on when the fishing is poor.

Help me understand the difference between single units and Kits of MossBack Fish Habitat products. When do I need single units vs. using Kits (3 or more together)?

Any added fish habitat will improve your fishery and fishing in your pond or lake. The amount of surface area, coverage, volume and shade a Kit produces is more conducive to providing a greater amount of cover for multiple fish.

Trophy Tree Trophy tree XL

What differentiates MossBack Fish Habitat products from other fish habitat?

Compared to Natural Habitat:

  • MossBack Fish Habitat does not deteriorate and doesn’t add biomass to your pond decreasing water depth.
  • Lures and hooks do not get permanently hung up causing line breakage.
  • MossBack Fish Habitat does not need to be replaced every few years.
  • MossBack Fish Habitat works well in conjunction with natural habitat and designing specific fish habitat goals for your pond and fishery.
  • MossBack Fish Habitat is much less labor-intensive to acquire and deploy.
  • A South Dakota State University study (An Evidence-based Approach to Habitat Management) showed a significantly higher Largemouth Bass catch rate fishing over MossBack Fish Habitat compared to natural habitat.

Compared to Other Artificial Habitat:

  • MossBack Fish Habitat offers more shade with our patented limb design and shade top.
  • MossBack Fish Habitat’s textured surfaces easily grows Periphyton, making each structure a living piece of habitat.
  • Our one-of-a-kind V-shaped limb offers two unique features:
    • The V-shape limb promotes the collection of sediment additionally increasing Periphyton growth on the product.
    • The V-shape limb, along with its flexibility, significantly reduces angler snagging.
  • MossBack Fish Habitat offers many different product designs and functions for the goals that you have for your pond and/or fishery.
  • MossBack Fish Habitat assembles easily making installation a manageable task.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable customer service makes it easy to do business with MossBack Fish Habitat.
  • Studies and observations have shown that when MossBack Fish Habitat is installed fish will often times inhabit and utilize the structures immediately.

What materials are used in your products?

MossBack Fish Habitat products are made with 100% recycled American sourced PVC and are environmentally safe.

Do MossBack products need to be weighted to stay in place?

MossBack Fish Habitat products will sink and stay on the bottom of your body of water. However, we recommend that you weight your products especially in moving water. For single products, we have a Block Adapter (not included) allowing you to easily attach a ½ or full concrete block to the bottom of your product. For Laydowns, you can attach a concrete block with the cable provided. For product Kits, please use a concrete block or bag of concrete in the base of the product. The Dock Pro Kits come with cable kits for hanging and do not need to be weighted.