PVC Fish Structure

MossBack offers lighter weight PVC fish structures for your pond. Having quality fish structure is necessary for fish reproduction, growth, feeding, and shelter. Each species of fish goes through different cycles at various times of the year and eats different foods. Spawning will put fish in one place, their need for cover in another, and their tolerances of temperature and oxygen levels in another. Whether you are a tournament angler or enjoy leisurely fishing with family and friends, we have the perfect setup in PVC fish structure for you!

Benefits of Adding Structure

An effective way to concentrate fish and make them easier to catch is by adding fish structure to your pond. Some tips for fishing structure include working jigs along the bottom and around the edges of structure which works well for multiple species of fish. However, anglers should not just concentrate on the bottom (whether using jigs or not). Also, consider trying lures to work other depths around the fish structures.

MossBack Fish Habitat gives you the perfect setup for fish structure. In addition, it works as the best fish attractor structure for lakes and reservoirs. Our Mossbacks resemble the look and feel of natural cover. The textured surfaces of our PVC fish structure promote and maintain algae growth as the MossBack becomes a living piece of fish habitat. The plant-like growth collected on the limbs of the structure become a food source for the smaller fish.  The smaller fish, in turn, become food for your larger sport fish.

Depending upon which MossBack Fish Habitat you choose, you can create a sanctuary for fry and forage while providing ambush points for larger sport fish.  The openness of some of our products allow your larger fish (trophy) a place for hiding in order to ambush its prey. The V-shaped limb design on our fish structure significantly reduces angler snagging.

MossBack artificial fish habitats have a much less labor-intensive assembly than other artificial habitat. Easily deploy from shore or a boat using a MossBack Block Adapter. Made in the USA with recycled material, our PVC fish structure gives you the perfect setup for artificial pond habitat.