Placing a fish habitat in the water from a dock

What are Pond Fish Structures?

Pond structures can be natural or man made. Pond fish structures provide cover, a place for reproduction, shade, and a place to feed or hunt. Natural cover can breakdown and deteriorate over time. Artificial pond fish structures provide similar features of submerged vegetation without the concern that it will take over your system.

Examples of Structures

Some examples of natural fish structures are trees, brush, aquatic plants, etc. MossBack artificial fish structures won’t break down, are made with recycled material, and give you the perfect setup for pond habitat, as well as the best fish attractor structure. Whether you are a tournament angler or enjoy leisurely fishing with family and friends, we have the perfect setup in fish structure for you.

Choosing a Location

Utilize artificial pond fish structures to bring your pond to the next level. The location of the structure is very important and water depth is a key factor. Points of land which extend out into the water and then drop off rapidly into deeper water are good sites. Coves or other areas sheltered from the wind are also excellent sites.