Artificial fish habitats have been popular and utilized to expand the concentration of fish by fishermen everywhere. MossBack Fish Habitats provide a honey hole that gives the opportunity to create ambush points for larger fish. That is not all! Whether it’s for fry or forage, our artificial habitats are ideal for creating a sanctuary.

Regardless of what type of fish it is that you are after, MossBack provides you with a honey hole for any fishing endeavor. Our well thought out Artificial fish habitats are what we do best!

So, why should you choose MossBack? It is simple! Our top of the line units create a honey hole that duplicates the look and feel of natural coverage. Similar to a natural habitat, the ridged surfaces on every artificial habitat encourage algae growth. Due to this, the growth continues to collect on the limbs. This becomes an efficient source of food for the smaller fish. What happens to small fish when you provide them with a substantial source of food? They grow into larger fish! On top of that, the formation of “V” shaped limbs advances the accumulation of sediment. This increases algae growth in your fish habitat! The flexibility of MossBack Fish Habitats decreases angler snagging when up against a natural habitat.

Artificial fish habitats show top-notch performance when it comes to attracting fish. However, that is not the only benefit it provides. Fish still need a place to reproduce! MossBack Fish Habitats creates a honey hole that gives a place for fish to lay eggs, raise young, and protect themselves from predators. Along with the many benefits of an artificial habitat, this may be one of the most important. Smaller fish and forage species are incredibly essential when it comes to sustainability. If you protect them, there will be an abundance of larger fish to go after. In other words, you will not be disappointed!

The quest to provide the leading artificial fish habitat on the market led to many designs. With wide-ranging research of raw materials, the end results of our experimentation are what we provide today. We manufacture our products to help you in succeed, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

The expected goal at MossBack is always the same: the reproduction and protection of more fish! So, what are you waiting for?