Fish Structure

Quality fish structure is necessary for fish reproduction, growth, feeding, and shelter.

Fish Structure vs. Fish Cover

“Structure” refers to the topographical components of a lake, including creek and river channels, points, flats, humps, and submerged roadbeds. From a fishing perspective, structures are areas where there is a variance in the depth or the contours of the bottom, and these changes can range from subtle to dramatic.  “Cover” refers to objects associated with these components, including submerged logs, standing timber, stumps, rocks, weeds, and boat docks. Structure often has cover on it: a point may have a rockpile on the end, the top of a hump may be covered with weeds, or a creek channel may be lined with stumps.  Structures are a big factor in fish habitat, and therefore, certain types will concentrate certain fish.  It is recommended to have approximately 8 fish structures per acre.

Structure Options

MossBack Fish Habitat gives you many structure options for different water depths.  We even have your spawning needs covered with our Spawning Bed that you can fill with gravel to provide a spawning habitat for fish.  Bass, crappie, and bluegill with all spawn by building beds or bowls and laying their eggs inside them.  This will keep the eggs compacted in one area, which will help the adult fish guard against turtles and other predators.  Eight to 10 beds per acre should be put in and filled with gravel.  The piles should each be 3′-6′ ft apart.  This Spawning Bed also includes a fish structure containing  a trunk and 9 limbs to provide additional protection during the spawn as well as structure after the spawn is over.

An effective way to concentrate fish and make them easier to catch is by adding fish structure to your pond. Some tips for fishing structure include working jigs along the bottom and around the edges of structure which can catch several species of fish. However, anglers should not just concentrate on the bottom (whether using jigs or not). You should consider trying lures to work other depths around the fish structures.

MossBack Fish Habitat give you the perfect setup for artificial pond habitat as well as the best fish attractor structure for lakes and reservoirs. Well-placed habitat fish structure can benefit boat and shoreline anglers by attracting preferred game fish to a particular location. Anglers armed with the locations of these fish structures can easily take advantage of these new concentrations of fish. Click here to see just how wonderfully our products work!