Artificial Habitat

Having quality artificial habitat is necessary for fish reproduction, growth, feeding, and shelter. Each species of fish goes through different cycles at various times of the year and eats different foods. Spawning will put fish in one place, their need for cover in another, and their tolerances of temperature and oxygen levels in another. Whether you are a tournament angler or enjoy leisurely fishing with family and friends, we have the perfect setup in artificial habitat for you.

Cover & Shade

Prey species often look for “cover” from their predators in the form of habitat.  Artificial habitat can provide shade for fish, which can be a welcome relief from the heat of summer.  Forage fish will gravitate towards artificial habitat as a form of cover, which can help concentrate the fish in one area and make them easier to find and catch.  Larger sport fish can use these artificial habitats as ambush points (a place to hide in order to “ambush” its prey.)

Artificial fish habitats are the easiest and cleanest way to provide fish a safe home and are often more productive than natural habitats.  Natural habitats will decay over time.  Our artificial habitats are designed to prevent hooks from snagging, giving your fish time to fall for your bait.

Examples of Artificial Habitat

Our MossBack artificial habitat for fish create a sanctuary for fry and forage (we would recommend our Safe Haven) while providing ambush points for larger sport fish.  Our units resemble the look and feel of natural cover. The textured surfaces on every MossBack limb promote algae growth resembling natural habitat. The plant-like growth collected on the limbs become a food source for the smaller fish that in turn become food for your larger sport fish.  Our V-shaped limbs promote the collection of additional sediment and algae increasing plant-like growth on your product. The V-shaped limb design, along with its flexibility, significantly reduces angler snagging when compared to natural habitat.