artificial fish cover

What is Artificial Fish Cover?

Artificial fish cover is man made with materials not found in nature.  The intended goal is reproduction and protection of more fish.  Artificial fish habitat also attracts fish for fisherman as well as, provides a place for fish to raise young, lay eggs, feed, and protect themselves from danger. Fry and forage species are the key to sustainability.  If you protect them, there will be plenty of larger fish to catch.

Why do I want it for my pond?

Fish all need cover to hide, feed, hunt, etc.  There are several things to consider when selecting artificial cover for your home pond.  You need to consider your pond’s depth, its size, and what species you are trying to target. Do you want bass, panfish, catfish, crappie, bluegills, or all of the above?  Are you wanting to provide safety and cover for your younger fish?  What are you trying to accomplish with your artificial fish cover?  Are you looking to improve your catch? Are you looking for a more long-term change in your prey to predator ratio?

Cover and Shade

Prey species, especially bluegill, look for safe havens from predators in the form of “cover.” Without question, bass and forage fish gravitate to cover or structure under the water, concentrating the fish, and making them easier to target for catch and/or harvest. Artificial cover and fish structure often provide a welcome relief (shade) from the intense summer heat. Shade, under the water, may represent a drop in water temperature of 10 degrees or more.