Louie Dazzo is a 25 year-old who was born and raised in Naperville, Illinois, although he also spend a lot of his time fishing in Wisconsin. He is a college graduate from UWW with a degree in communications and entrepreneurship, and is also a X Collegiate Tournament angler with 1 championship appearance. Louie is a licensed Captain and full time fishing guide in both Wisconsin and Florida, making him MossBack’s only multi-angler residing in two states.

Louie has fished with some American icons, including Jimmy Liautaud (founder of Jimmy John’s sandwiches) and American singer Kid Rock. When asked for a statement, Louie says, “I have had some truly amazing connections along my journey to help me get where I am today, along with great support from my friends and family along the way. My goal is to inspire others to get into the incredible sport of fishing. Share the passion!”