Shoreline Gift Pack


Target Fish: Baitfish (i.e. minnows, sunfish, shad, fry, etc.).

Ideal Water Depth: 3 to 5 feet.

This holiday season, get the fishermen in your life a permanent solution to shoreline habitat with our Shoreline Gift Pack. This coverage will hold fry and baitfish, providing the protection they need to grow both in size and in number. This excellent cover and protection means you get to spend more time fishing and less time worrying about restocking your pond. This bundle is out just in time for the holidays, but it will improve your fishery for years to come!

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Total Price Before Bundle Savings – $317.99

Total Bundle Savings – $18.00

Shoreline Gift Pack Includes:

  • Three Root Wads
  • Three Block Adapters

Product Features:

  • Does not deteriorate and doesn’t add biomass to your pond decreasing water depth.
  • Lures and hooks do not get permanently hung up causing line breakage.
  • Does not need to be replaced every few years.
  • Works well in conjunction with natural habitat and designing specific fish habitat goals for your pond and fishery.
  • Offers shade with our patented limb design.
  • Textured surfaces easily grows plant life making each structure a living piece of habitat.
  • Our one-of-a-kind V-shaped limbs promotes the collection of sediment additionally increasing plant life growth on the product.
  • The V-shape limb, along with its flexibility, significantly reduces angler snagging.
  • MossBack Fish Habitat offers many different product designs and functions for the goals that you have for your pond and/or fishery.
  • Assembles easily making installation a manageable task.
  • Studies and observations have shown that when MossBack Fish Habitat is installed, fish will often times inhabit and utilize the structures immediately.
  • Do not place in swimming or boating areas. Check your local game laws.

Shoreline Gift Pack Dimensions:

  • Weight: 33 lbs.
  • Individual Product Dimensions:
    • Root Wad Dimensions:
      • Height: 20 inches
      • Diameter with evenly distributed limbs: 46 inches. Limbs can be pulled further from the trunk for a maximum product width of 75 inches. (Must leave a minimum of 4 inches of limb on one side of trunk.)
      • Weight: 9 lbs.
      • Instructions

*Weighting: Secure a concrete block (not included) to your products with our MossBack Fish Habitat Block Adapter.  Block Adapters are included with this bundle.

Block Adapter

Additional information

Weight 36 lbs


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