There are some drawbacks to tossing a spent holiday tree into your lake or pond.

Because it is an organic object, a tree’s trunk, limbs and needles will break down and decompose over a period of time. This all-natural process will contribute to the nutrient load in your lake’s water—and that means an increase in algae and weed growth. This of course lowers your water quality and clarity. The MossBack Artificial Fish Habitat is made of materials that will not decompose or leave any harmful or chemical traces in your water.

Not only that, but the tree’s tight interwoven branches make a great hiding place from your fish hook, which means you’ll have a harder time catching them for dinner! More snags, more line breakage, and more lost tackle. The organic tree structure and bark can be difficult to fish in and and is unforgiving if your get your line or hook too close to it. The MossBack Artificial Fish Habitat has no bark to snag and it’s specially designed limbs will allow your lure or line to slide right off without much effort and without moving the structure from its location.